Quality requirements


The quality of our product depends greatly on the quality of your honey as well as its manufacturing culture. It is of a vital importance for us to make sure your honey has not been contaminated while the process of collection, pumping and warehousing. Please kindly observe the following preconditions we strictly focus on:

1. It has to be 100% natural honey, ripe and antibiotics free. Your honey could not have been heated.

2. Honey should meet following parameters:
- Moisture content/humidity -– up to 18%
- Diastase, Gothe units -– not less than 12
- Sucrose –- not more than 5%
- Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)— not more than 10mg/kg

3. Documents. We need your passport, tax code, bee yard passport with veterinary control remark.

4.You should possess special food containers. Aluminium cans, enamel buckets without corrosion signs, polymer barrels and buckets with special marking are allowed. We do not accept glass, tin containers, zincware, metalware, polymer containers without special markings. All containers should not contain signs of integrity loss, tightly closed to avoid contaminations and water insertion.

5. Storage. Honey should be kept in clean dry premises. Storage temperature should not be higher than 20C.It is not allowed to store honey together with poisonous, dust producing products and those, which might make honey smell uncharacteristically.