Manufacturing steps


All the stages of our production process have been mechanized to the greatest possible. It enables us to avoid mistakes and increase the quality of our product. Our specially designed software gives us possibility to ensure traceability of each portion of honey back to the beekeeper.

1. Intake

At this stage our software generates a unique code for each container accepted. Our honey will be accompanied with this code throughout all further manufacturing stages. The container is marked with a special bar-code which couldn’t be washed off. This bar-code contains info on the origin, lot, supplier, date etc. One of the vital issues is containers’ integrity control and correspondence to the food safety requirements.

2. Laboratory testing

All incoming honey is subject to mandatory entrance control. All tests are performed with cutting edge equipment in our onsite lab .

3. Decrystallizing

Having thoroughly assessed the samples, we form a check-list for a commercial 20T lot. Selected containers are moved consecutively to the washing zone and to decrystallizing chambers. Our chambers are tooled up with automatic equipment, which maintain certain temperature. Triple control is performed: air in the chamber, temperature of the product and container wall temperature, thus overheating is completely excluded.

4. Homogenizing

Honey from the chambers gets homogenizing shop. It is drained here and stirred in a homogenizer not less than 8 hours. The homogenizer we use has been specially designed according to our particular needs. Temperature is controlled automatically during this process.

5. Packing and storing

As soon as our honey gets homogeneous, it is weighted and poured into special food barrels. Honey sample test is performed by the State control body at this stage to get export permission. Each barrel is marked in accordance with international regulations and specific customer. All the lots are stored in our warehouse with strict observance of temperature regime and sanitary rules.