Quality control


We are especially proud of the outstanding honey quality. We strictly control incoming product, thoroughly eliminating those beekeepers who do not observe sanitary requirements on bee handling and honey storing. Our procurement experts attend special bee keeping trainings where they learn how to deliver the importance of safety rules observance in the bee yard. We implemented four level product control system.

1. Intake control
This is a very important stage for our decision on product procurement.

2. Lot control
Here we observe all possible changes, which might happen during manufacturing process.

3. Ukrainian state lab control
It helps us verify our data.

4. European lab control
Our customer could always check if our tests correspond to the world standards.

5. Along with the product, we pay much attention to packing and marking quality
It refers both to the beekeepers' bins and the containers we use for packing our product. It should be special food tare with a sanitary certificate meeting food safety requirements. While our plant was being launched, we were working at introduction of ISO 22000 international quality system. In order to get outstanding quality result we applied to a renowned German company TÜV SÜD.